Emotionless Dreams

Nothing Is Real

11 August
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All-around, I'm a very busy person. I'm a CAL-Ed major, which of course means Communication Arts and Literature Secondary Education (I'ma be an ENGLISH TEACHER!) but I usually tell people I'm an English major - it's easier.

I love beautiful things - this is why I'm obsessed with art and literature and my hair (and shoes!). My credit card suffers because of this obsession.

I'm a maintainer for intelite and parody_ljsecret as well as a moderator for abstractthought so I guess you could say I'm rather pathetic in the respect that I am a pretty active LJ-er. Heh.

Aside from that, I'm studying pretty hard at the moment and am thinking about one day (tomorrow) writing a novel that you will all buy and go "OMG, I READ HER EL-JAY!"

I love music a lot and to prove my music tastes don't suck, here's a streaming file representing my recently-played audio tracks:

Most of my entries are Friends-Only, but my most funny and philosophical entries are public, as well as my most recent months' worth. I tend to let things be public for a bit then go back and friends-only them.

I love-love-love comments. Most of my journal entries are written with the idea that people will comment. I love it when people let me know they've read my entries and I love when people let me know what they think about what I've posted.