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delyera [userpic]

New Journal Confirmation

le 09 juillet 2006 (12:20)

So, I have a new LiveJournal, whoo-freaking-hoo! There will be a secured post following this one. If you do not see it, then you do not know my new name. I'm not trying to be all "secretive" or bitchy, it's just the way it is.

If you cannot see it and you really want to be able to read my new journal, then I will certainly add you.

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 08 juillet 2006 (20:08)
current song: "Magic Carpet Ride" Led Zeppelin

So, I took some time and looked up the beach house I'll be in in about a week and a half.


The house is bright RED. It is on a little island off the coast of North Carolina (on the east coast of America, you British folks).

We're also hosting a huge party there on the 25th, which is a Tuesday. Who has a party on a Tuesday?! Apparently the Kiblers do. Yet it will be all old people, so I doubt it will be all that riveting for me or any of my brothers.

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 08 juillet 2006 (15:14)

As some of you may or may not be aware, my brothers both work at the local nuclear power plant as interns. They have learned (nearly memorized) the NATO phonetic alphabet and are constantly calling me golf-alpha-yankee or quebec-uniform-echo-echo-romeo. I'm going to kilo-india-lima-lima them. Foxtrot-uniform-charlie-kilo-echo-romeo-sierra.

I made a new LiveJournal, so we'll see how that one works out. I'm also getting a new email address, new MSN, and new AIM, but that won't be for a bit. I'm kind of getting sick of the same old crap over and over and I mean that in more ways than one!

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 06 juillet 2006 (20:47)

I come upstairs with a handful of Circus Peanuts.

Timmy: What are those?
Me: Penises.
Timmy: Oh, can I have one? I've always wanted one!

delyera [userpic]

Funniest Thing Ever!

le 06 juillet 2006 (16:12)

So this random MSN weirdo has propositioned me for sex.

Check out the fun!Réduire )

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 05 juillet 2006 (00:57)

I read The Devil Wears Prada and it is indeed an interesting book; excellent example of literary writing: no; entertaining: yes.

Don't read it if you do not know what Dolce & Gabanna is, or if you think that Jimmy Choo is someone that conducts trains.

Additionally, I'm getting increasingly fed up with my mother and have been spending more and more time a) at the gym and b) in my room. She's been getting really selfish and demanding and when I refuse to cater to her wishes, she calls me selfish and remains indignant for the next hour. I wish I could dismiss it as a side effect of her menopause/edometriosis/hypochondria, but bitchiness really has no excuse. I wish I could just punch her and get it over with.

In other news, my cousin and grandpa are here. This isn't really very exciting, as my grandpa continues to ask me the same questions over and over, and my cousin has melded perfectly into the world of "constantly make fun of Melissa." Now it is four against one in this game, so again, I confine myself to solidarity in an effort to maintain what little shred of dignity and self-esteem my mother hasn't already destroyed. Constantly, I find myself questioning if it really is worth it forcing myself to continue with schooling, and wondering if I could move to Chicago tomorrow and get a job.

I feel kind of lame. I've led a very unenthusiastic summer. I wish I had more to show for my two months back home thus far, but I guess the emotional damage will have to do. Of course, by the end of the summer, I'll be longing for Winona and within three weeks, I'll sorely regret being there once again. I think my mental level of tolerance is at roughly 20 days. Go figure. Who has that kind of money?

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 29 juin 2006 (18:11)

So I thought the camera feature of my MacBook, but it's kind of neat after all. pictureRéduire )

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 29 juin 2006 (00:30)

Ahhh! The new Macs are gorgeous!

I have a brand-new MacBook and most everything about it is wonderful. It's the same width as the iBook, but a shorter height, so it is a widescreen. This is a bit weird to get used to, especially as I'm having trouble finding suitable wallpapers.

One of the coolest features of the MacBook is the remote. It looks a bit like an iPod shuffle and it controls the features of iLife (iTunes, iPhoto, DVDs, etc) from a good distance away. It's pretty spiffy.

Also, there's a camera on the top of the screen. I'm not too fond of this, especially since it's incorporated right into iChat. This means I won't be on AIM much anymore because I hate the thought of random internet people seeing me. Sometimes I'm using my computer while I'm getting dressed in the morning.

But yes, blah blah blah, the battery life is longer, the whole thing is much more powerful (Intel core, folks), and it's all-around a great computer that I'm very satisfied with. I do miss the old one, especially for the wallpapers. That's such a wimpy thing to miss.

And I came up with a prime insult today, all by myself. "Why don't you deposit that thought down at the bank, where it will at least gather SOME interest!" Ha ha ha, I'm so darn clever.

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 26 juin 2006 (22:40)

So what do you do if you think a really good friend is rapidly killing the best part of themselves?

Maybe I'm idealistic, but choosing to settle for mediocrity and not to fight for your dreams is a very sad story.

delyera [userpic]

(no subject)

le 20 juin 2006 (14:06)

So I get my test results back by PHONE CALL, which always spells doom. If your results are so abnormal that they must inform you BY PHONE, then of course you've come across some horribly crippling disease and will surely die soon. Anyway, I only have a mild case of doom and shall live through the summer, at least.

Also, it has RAINED outside.

I yelled at a customer yesterday. They called back to complain. I felt AWESOME!

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